The first day of the EXPO SHOP starts with the Franchise Expo Conference (second edition), organized in partnership with PROFIT System Romania and

Some of the most famous franchisors abroad and in Romania come to the conference with demos and beta product testing to present them to entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, or even employees interested in investing in the development of a franchise system.

The success of the first edition was mainly due to the presence of brand franchisors such as Leonidas, Spartan, Magic Salons, Bella Italia, 5 To Go, and Fornetti, which represent franchises with a long history on the Romanian and international market.

From left to right:
Alexandru Trăilescu – Fornetti,
Dragoș Adrian Muller – Saloanele Magic,
Radu Savopol – 5 To Go,
Mircea Coman – PROFIT System România/,
Iulian Zamfir – Bella Italia,
Jolyon Salvadore M’Bei – Leonidas România,
Gabriel Melniciuc – SPARTAN.

Keep an eye on us: more details of the conference will be announced soon.

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