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The speakers and agenda of the Conference promise an event that is more than interesting. A pragmatic and visionary one, to which we invite you to participate if you have been thinking of starting your own business. If you are still wondering how to do it, in a franchise system or on your own, our guests can clarify the path for you. Furthermore, if you have already decided to become part of a franchise network but are not sure which one suits you best, the ‘Franchises on the Shelf’ Conference is the opportunity to find out directly from the source, information about managing a franchise business and pertinent details about some of the most successful businesses, from highly qualified entrepreneurs who can tell you the way to financial stability and professional success. Fornetti, Bella Italia, Leonidas, My Geisha, or Ama Green Optic are franchise systems that have fully proven their viability on the Romanian market and beyond. Those who lead them can reveal essential aspects for making the best decision regarding joining the franchise network that suits you.

Scheduled to take place on October 6th, the most intense day of the event dedicated to the retail industry in Romania, the conference, organized this time as well by the international franchise consultancy company PROFIT system, in partnership with the Expo Shop organizers, constitutes in itself an opportunity for support and clarification for future entrepreneurs who want to join franchise systems. Furthermore, they will learn how important complementary sales in retail have become through franchise partnerships.

The schedule for the ‘Franchises on the Shelf’ Conference, 3rd edition, is as follows:

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Denisa Tănase
the founder of My Geisha

When we talk about My Geisha, we’re talking about strong, personality-rich fragrances with a lasting trail. We’re talking about scents that linger behind you and make those around you wonder what you’re wearing. For me, there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ or ‘too persistent’ in perfumery, and I’m a fan of scents that ‘speak loudly’ from you. 

Amalia Georgescu

Amalia Georgescu
the founder of Ama Green Optic

A social reality that demonstrates the age at which eyeglasses are needed is decreasing has led to the creation of the Ama Green Optic franchise, and the business results are in line with expectations. 

Jolyon Salvadore M'Bei

Jolyon Salvadore M’Bei
owner of the Leonidas franchise in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

We are fortunate to be in an industry, that of chocolate, which remains in high demand even during times of war. It is confirmed now that situations like the current ones do not diminish the appetite for chocolate. 

Iulian Zamfir

Iulian Zamfir
the founder of the Bella Italia pizza chain.

Bella Italia, the first franchise for a restaurant/pizzeria in Romania, established in 1999, has become a leader in the national market and has positioned itself among companies with dynamic growth. The network’s success is due to the high-quality product selection process, always connected to the tastes and needs of consumers, relying on business experience accumulated over time and constantly perfected. 

Gabriel Voin

Gabriel Voin
Commercial Director at Fornetti.

The goal of every business is to make a profit with minimal risks. The Fornetti franchise system allows you to expand your existing store’s offerings with a small investment or start a new, profitable business. 

The ‘Franchises on the Shelf’ Conference is for you if: 

  • You’re interested in starting a franchise business.
  • You’re already an entrepreneur, but your business needs a proven franchise system for a real chance of success.
  • You want to learn from industry experts about the franchise market.
  • You’re looking for ideas to start your own business.

We look forward to seeing you at the ‘Franchises on the Shelf’ Conference at Expo Shop 2023!” 

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