The concept

Brands-as-a-Culture – We are constantly searching the market for new and useful information that needs to reach the public

Faster and better – We strive to do things not only faster, but also better!

Experiential Retail – Expo Shop will be an unforgettable experience!

Subscription E-Commerce – you can subscribe to our Newsletter for the freshest information from retail

Multi-Channel is the new normal at Expo Shop 2019!

The context

According to Forbes, five major trends will redefine retail in 2019:

  • Brands-as-a-Culture – Retail companies will have to consider the image their brand conveys to the world, and work to create cultures that match consumers’ changing values and world views
  • Faster E-Commerce Shipping – Cutting down on shipping time is vital for any e-commerce business looking to stay afloat
  • The Rise Of Experiential Retail –Brands will start creating engrossing shopping  The emergence of virtual reality and improved mobile technology will continue to push retail brands to add new layers to their traditional retail models
  • The Rise Of Subscription E-Commerce – The trend goes hand in hand with users’ search for experiences, as they are more willing to shell out cash for a service that delivers a tangible benefit along with a personalized offering
  • Multi-Channel – Deep integration across all channels: websites, marketplaces, social media. This is vital for captivating consumers and keeping them engaged

In 2019 EXPO SHOP will embrace all of these trends by creating an unique and useful event for Romanian and Southeast European retail market. We are committed to bringing you the most valuable information in a new and improved version of EXPO SHOP.