Mechanization vs. Robotization in Retail Professional Cleaning

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Mechanization vs. Robotization in Retail Professional Cleaning

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Cleaning3600, the specialized training center in the professional cleaning industry in Bucharest, aims to provide you with correct and fully substantiated answers during the conference it holds on October 5th between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM regarding the opportunity of choosing robots versus using machines with operators in professional cleaning for retail and logistics. We will see both mechanized equipment and robots live, and we will be able to compare them together.

The subject is highly discussed in this period, marked by massive transformations in the labor market and the general trend of reducing operating and maintenance costs in the facility management market.


  • The current situation in retail and logistics locations: when, where, how, and with what do we clean currently? And what are the costs associated with this?
  • Mechanization at present: what types of equipment do we use in locations, how are they operated, and what does their maintenance entail? The advantages and limitations of using mechanized equipment.
  • The typology of robotics available on the market today. The operating principles of robotic equipment and their maintenance. What are the advantages and limitations of implementing robotic equipment? What do we expect robots to do, and what can they actually achieve in practice, in retail and logistics locations?
  • How do we prepare spaces for the implementation of robotic solutions, and how do we calibrate our expectations as beneficiaries of these services?
  • Conclusions and directions to follow.

Participation is free upon prior registration

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