Novelties Expo Shop 2023

We care about our audience and we try to offer them unique experiences at each edition, but also the solutions by which they can transform these experiences into a business niche.

Digital Signage in Retail

  • The use of digital displays and screens in retail environments to deliver dynamic and engaging content to customers.
  • Transmitting the information much more directly and extremely FRIENDLY.
  • Transforms the shopping experience into a true entertainment. Adds an extra boost to the brand’s image.

Conferences and networking sessions

  •  The Franchise at Shelf Conference, 3rd edition, discusses a topic that has the potential to revolutionize the retail industry.
  • Stay around because we will be publishing the list of speakers and conference topics.
  • The conference area will be in high demand because it’s a valuable source of information.

The EXPO SHOP supermarket

  • Come and see the Live Supermarket concept at EXPO SHOP, developed in collaboration with All2Print Show. An interactive area designed like a store, where cutting-edge solutions and technologies will be showcased, tailored to the industry you represent.
  • An innovation zone, the main point of interest at the event.
  • The supermarket represents a source of inspiration for customizing your image in front of customers