Pack Show 2019 s-a incheiat cu rezultate pozitive. Din cei peste 100 de expozanti care au participat la editia de anul trecut, 60 au fost la prima lor participare. Iata cateva review-uri.

„Compared to the last year`s edition, Pack Show 2020 seems much more evolved, both in terms of visitors, and organization. We like the fact that it was united with Indagra, because this brings an additional number of visitors, and we are interested in visiting our potential customers. We remain optimistic and already made plans for next year’s edition. ”

Anneliese Lamos, General Manager Global Tehnic

“We are here for the first time, but I can say that we are impressed by the organization, participants, exhibitors and visitors themselves. It’s good, it’s productive, we are looking forward to the next editions.”

Cristian Harbuz, Sales Manager Printco Iasi

“For us it is an opportunity to participate at Pack Show, as Rondocarton celebrates 20 years in Romania. This is a good occasion to communicate, in a specialised manner, this anniversary. From the point of view of the visitors of this edition, we can say that it was a crescendo from the first day, in the sense that the number of visitors increased constantly.Beside the usual clients interested in the solutions offered by Rondocarton, there were also groups of visitors that came from the parallel exhibition Indagra with whom we must find communication bridges. That is because the agricultural products, and the packaging of the agricultural products can also represent a potential interest for the exhibition and the solutions that our company offers.”

Mugur Muresan, Rondocarton Sales Manager

“This is our first participation at Pack Show in Bucharest. I consider it a very good show, very well organized, we have many visitors and good prospects. We like Romania and we think we can expect new opportunities from the romanian market, in the next period. ”

Boyan Yovev, Sales Manager SEE, DS Smith Plastic Division

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